March: National Professional Social Work Month

By Vanessa Kensing, LMSW

Everyone here at Cobb Psychotherapy is a social worker. Maybe you've noticed that after our names are a cluster of letters, “MSW,” “LMSW,” or “LCSW” (and sometimes more depending on additional credentialing). Since March is National Professional Social Work Month, I thought I’d give a little information about social work and its relationship to the therapeutic setting.

Social work as a profession has its roots in the social and economic changes during the industrial revolution. As such, urban-based poverty was the focus of early social work. However, as time progressed, social workers began to broaden the social issues they addressed and the environments where they practiced.

Today social workers strive to promote the wellbeing of individuals within the social context through, “direction practice, community organizing, supervision, consultation, administration, advocacy, social and political action, policy development and implementation, education, and research and evaluation”(National Association of Social Workers). Likewise, social workers adhere to a code of ethics that focus on the principles and values associated with service, social justice, the dignity and worth of individuals, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.

Here at Cobb Psychotherapy we practice psychotherapy within the context of the values listed above. We have obtained our Masters in Social Work (MSW), have passed required state licensing exams (LSMW), and some have taken further clinical exams (LCSW). Likewise, we engage in continued education in areas of therapeutic technique (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, etc.) and trainings on how to work with particular populations, disorders, and interventions.

We are proud of our social work history and the efforts that our fellow social workers engage in today. For more information about social work history, current efforts in research, advocacy, social justice, and much more, check out the NASW’s website or ask your therapist.

Vanessa Kensing, LMSW is a therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy. If you would like to see how therapy can you support you in your wellness goals, contact Cobb Psychotherapy for more information.