Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Coaching to Support Your Child at Home

By Alisha Bennett, LMSW

We are excited to announce a new service for parents and children at Cobb Psychotherapy: BES Coaching.

What is BES coaching? 

BES stands for Behavioral, Emotional and Social coaching. It is a new service that our practice will be offering to parents who may need a little extra help with their children at home in the areas of behavior, emotional regulation, and/or social behavior (including social skills and understanding). 

Who is this for? 

Coaching can be for any parent that is having a difficult time at home with their child/children. The program was designed for children who may be "somewhere in between." This program is for parents that are not quite ready for therapy, or whose children may not need therapy, but do need supports in place at home. 

I've worked with many parents over the years that see different behaviors at home than what teachers see at school. For those parents that have tried everything in their toolbox and are at a loss for what to do, BES Coaching can help with making some small adjustments. 

How does coaching work? 

Coaching is a home visit service for families. The coach will come to the home and do an intake with parents, identifying primary goals and problems to be solved. Then there will be a follow up appointment during which  the coach will provide additional supports that may be helpful, as well as an action plan with goals and proposed solutions. Visual supports and materials will be suggested and provided as needed. A 3rd appointment will be made after a few weeks of the action plan being initiated to follow up and make any final changes. The service will be around 2-4 coaching visits.

What else? 

Our hope is that this can be a short term treatment plan for parents and children. Sometimes making a few adjustments at home can make a huge difference! If additional coaching appointments are needed, these can be scheduled after the initial 4 sessions. If the coach feels that more support is needed, other referrals can be made.

Alisha Bennett is a therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy.  If you would like support with parenting visit to learn more how therapy can help.