Groups to Support Your Child's Social Skills Development This Summer! 

By Alisha Bennett, LMSW

As the end of the school year approaches, we are excited to announce our summer social skills group for children ages 4-11.  More info below: 

More and more we know that learning and development for our children is not just about their academics. In schools, we constantly talk about a child’s social skills — their behavior towards others, and how they get along with and treat their peers.  For some of our children, these skills and behaviors don’t come as easily, making it more difficult for them to get along with others and be a part of a group.  Children who have diagnoses of ASD, 2e, ADD/ADHD, Hyperlexia, and other learning disabilities can often have lagging social skills.  

The structure of a school day and the social supports that are offered within schools can be very beneficial for children who have lagging social skills and social learning difficulties. And unfortunately, the natural removal of this structure — summer break —  can create regression in behavior for some children. Therefore, maintaining some form of direct social skills instruction with other children throughout the summer could be helpful for your child. 

Parents often ask me how they can continue to support their child’s social skills development over the summer, and in response to that, Cobb Psychotherapy will be running a 6-week social skills group program. The program is designed to support children’s social skills development to help them be more successful when they start the school year in the fall.  The groups will use and incorporate Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking concepts and literature. More information follows.

    • Families will be required to come in for a screening session so groups can be matched appropriately.
    • Groups welcome children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old that have social learning difficulties.
    • The skills that will be targeted in groups are: 
      • Thoughts and feelings identification
      • Emotional-regulation
      • Flexible thinking
      • Ways to be in a group
      • Cooperative play
      • Conversation and pragmatic skills
    • Referrals should be children with strong verbal language skills who are not physically aggressive.
    • Groups will meet once a week for an hour long session.
    • Pricing for the program is $500-600 for the whole program, depending on time of payment. This program is not covered by insurance.
    • The programs will take place from July 10th to August 18th at 26 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11242

    To register and for more information: Contact Alisha Bennett at