Therapist Feature: Vanessa Kensing, LMSW

Read our latest therapist feature below and learn more about one of therapists, Vanessa Kensing.

What initially inspired you to pursue a career as a therapist?

Inspiration isn't what lead to me becoming a therapist. Instead I have to give credit to my subconscious and the universe! I actually entered into undergrad as a mathematics major! And while I continue to be pretty good at math, I was never impassioned by math. Instead through subconscious drives (choosing to switch to a be a psychology major), being an overachieving first child (I have two master's degrees), having great mentors (thanks universe!), highly developed empathy (from life experience), and innate love for analysis, I find myself a therapist! 

As a therapist, what are you most passionate about? 

Ultimately being a therapist for me is about creating a judgement free space. I try to be be genuine and open which also allows others to be non judgmental towards themselves! Through that process people change and heal, and that is really passion fulfilling!

What are your specialties and what drew you to them?

I took a psychopharmacology class in undergrad that jump started my interest in substance abuse. And it was working within that field that fostered my specialties of working with codependency, perfectionism, shame, relationship issues, and anxiety. I'm drawn to those "issues" because of experiences in my own life and wanting to help others experience the joy of loving one's self and seeing your own worthiness.  

What makes you unique as a therapist?

Like other therapists I try to create a space that is warm, non judgmental, and genuine. However, what I think is unique is the relationship built between myself and the client. Each relationship is so dynamic and powerful, and together we create a distinctive and transformative energy!  

How would you describe your therapeutic approach?

I practice from an attachment framework. Which basically means that I look at how early childhood relationships and experiences have an impact on present day issues. For me, it's the best of both worlds - we heal from the past, while creating a healthier present and future. 

Everyone needs self-care. How do you practice self-care?

A few years ago a friend introduced me to a cardio dance class. So, a few times a week the lights are off, the music is blasting, and I AM Beyonce! And I also really love Podcasts about history, comedy, politics, and TV recaps!

What is your favorite...

Quote: "Authenticity is the daily practice of of letting go of who we think we are suppose to be and embracing who we are." -Brene Brown
Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
Movie: Pride and Prejudice
TV show: The West Wing 

What is one thing that is important for anyone to know?

Mistakes don't have to be shameful. I've learned more about myself in rectifying them, learning from them, apologizing for them, and owning them, than being "perfect" has even taught me! 

Vanessa Kensing is a therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy. To schedule an appointment with her or learn more about how therapy can support you in reaching your goals, contact Cobb Psychotherapy.