Groups at Cobb Psychotherapy are led by one or more of our therapists and address specific issues within a confidential and supportive space. Groups range in topics and offer the opportunity for members to find support from others as well as learn new tools and skills. Information on our current group offerings are below.

Cobb Psychotherapy Summer Social 


Many parents often ask about summer recommendations, and due to the lack of social skills resources in the city, we are excited to be offering our 6-week social skills groups. The groups will utilize Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking concepts. The program is designed to support children's social understanding and the social skills development that they need to be more successful in school, make friends, and get along better with others.

  • Families will be required to come in for a screening session so children can be matched to the appropriate group. 
  • Groups welcome children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old that have social learning difficulties.
  • Referrals should be children with strong verbal language skills who are not physically aggressive.
  • Groups will meet once a week for an hour long session.
  • Pricing for the program is $500-600 for the whole program, depending on time of payment. This program is not covered by insurance.

Contact us for more info or to schedule a screening .

DBT Skills Group

  • The group is an open group and requires a three month commitment.
  • Meetings occur weekly on Saturdays from 3pm to 5pm at 19 West 34th Street.
  • This group is appropriate not only for people suffering from BPD and self-harming/parasuicidal behaviors, but for anyone working towards obtaining a "life worth living." This includes individuals with intense mood fluctuations or with a motivation to decrease any mood-dependent maladaptive behaviors (eating disorders, substance abuse, etc).
  • The group is structured and offers skills-driven treatment to increase an individual's ability to navigate through emotional crises, balance emotions in a healthy way, increase mindfulness, build healthy relationships, and end destructive ones.
  • This group will help supplement any individual DBT therapists who do not have the resources to run a group.
  • While it's recommended and adherent to the true DBT model to do so, it is not required that the client have simultaneous individual DBT therapy.
  • Clients with previous DBT experience looking for a refresher are welcome.  
  • We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and CHP insurance. We also accept all other insurances out-of-network.

Contact us for more information on joining the group.