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Developing a Healthy Relationship With Exercise

The health benefits of exercise are undeniable and run the gamut from heart health to stress relief. However, if you are in recovery from an eating disorder, exercise is a tricky subject. Often times reincorporating exercise triggers old thought patterns and behaviors, so proceeding with caution is vital. So what can you do when you feel ready to reincorporate exercise? How can you tell whether it is coming from a disordered or healthy place? 

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The Dark Side of Wellness

These days the buzz word on the street, in advertisements, blogs, and seemingly every app on our phone is the term "wellness." We’re constantly inundated with messages about whole foods, eating clean, cleanses, and organic beauty products. Although wellness is touted as the answer to all of our mental and physical woes, at its core it’s just another damaging manifestation of the diet and fitness industry. 

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Ambivalence in Eating Disorder Recovery

The decision to recover from an eating disorder is a challenging one, often fraught with feelings of uncertainty, ambivalence, grief, and fear. For many suffering with an eating disorder, the behaviors can feel like a security blanket and the disorder itself can become part of your identity. While most people seeking recovery are able to connect with reasons that their lives would be better without the disorder—more energy, healthier relationships, fewer distracting thoughts—the actual process of letting it go can be painful. 

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