“Depression” can be a confusing word because it is used to describe a broad spectrum of experiences. From “feeling blue,” to describing symptoms that impair our ability to function in our everyday lives, depression is a word that we are all familiar with. This is because feeling sad is part of being human, and at Cobb Psychotherapy LCSW, we believe in the importance of both normalizing and working to understand this experience. 

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for depression, as each person is impacted by and experiences depression in their own way. Depression can manifest in feelings of isolation, disconnection, irritability, numbness, and may leave you sapped of energy and pleasure. It may feel as though there is no way out. If depression is keeping you from living the life you want, we are here to help. 

Our therapists tailor their treatment approach to help you to find relief from your symptoms and work to understand and target underlying issues. 


Blogs on Depression