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Yeshiva University

Columbia University, MSW

Training and Certifications:

  • Beck Institute: Integrating CBT and Mindfulness Series

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

New York State License Number: 104697 

NPI: 1366918773 


Hannah Rogawski, LMSW


“Out of difficulties grow miracles” —Jean De La Bruyere


  • Depression

  • Self-Esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Emotion Regulation

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Hannah and I am a therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy LCSW. I find that people sometimes come to therapy with the hope of completely eliminating painful emotions, and with the (false) belief that they cannot withstand them. While understanding the drive to escape overwhelming emotions, my goal is not to suppress and push away feelings, but to help clients live with them. To learn to befriend them, understand them, deal with them, and develop the freedom to not react to them, and to not allow those feelings to take over. I believe that the door to healing begins with the willingness to experience our emotions, and I partner with clients to develop the skills to manage those emotions and break down the barriers in the way of to achieving their goals.
Who I Work With

I work primarily with individuals who are experiencing anxiety. I also work with people facing other types of challenges, including depression, stress management and stressful life events, emotion regulation, perfectionism, and self esteem.

My work with clients is tailored to each individual, and based on the needs and present situation that they are experiencing. I collaborate with clients to set goals that are meaningful to them, which can often mean decreasing negative, harmful thoughts and behaviors and replacing them with more effective, positive, and life enhancing ones.

How I Help

As a psychodynamic therapist, my therapeutic approach is integrative. I base my treatment on a combination of evidence based modalities, including DBT, CBT, insight oriented therapy, and mindfulness.

My work with clients utilizes the view behind a model of treatment called DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), which combines seemingly polar opposites: (1) the need for self acceptance, and (2) the desire/need for change in order to achieve our goals. I am passionate about balancing this dialectic; helping clients accept themselves with their limitations and helping clients achieve lasting change.

I utilize CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which focuses on challenging and replacing unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and developing coping strategies to target specific problems.

I use insight oriented therapy, which means that I help clients explore and understand how their past experiences and relationships play a role in influencing their present behavior and shaping their thought patterns and world views.

I also utilize mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques.

More About Me

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I received my bachelors degree in psychology at Yeshiva University and my masters degree at Columbia School of Social Work. When I’m not working, you can find me curled up with a good book, experimenting with dessert recipes, or practicing yoga. I love early morning runs in the park, strawberry-banana smoothies, and spending time with friends and family.