Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University

University of Chicago, MSW

New York State License Number: 094644

NPI: 1740668912


Jonathan Kaufman, LMSW



  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-Esteem

  • Work Performance


  • Couples Therapy

  • Disabilities

  • Transitions

I was born with a right hemi-paresis, a form of Cerebral Palsy. Having a disability has been a profound part of my personal, academic, and professional life. From hiking in the Ecuadorian highlands with my family, skiing down a mountain, and repelling down the side of a cliff in the Middle East, to the simplicity of tying my own shoes one-handed, I have pushed the idea that anything is possible if given the will. Embracing my own disability has given me greater insight into dealing with the challenges of everyday life and learning how to adapt in creative ways to find greater success no matter how big or small. Having a disability has been a gift for me because it has provided me with my calling to help others find the solutions they need to create a more fulfilling and richer life.


My education and experience has been quite diverse, giving me a broad range of knowledge to assist and meet the needs of my clients. My undergraduate work was at Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University where I studied anthropology, psychology, and sociology with an emphasis on Disability Studies. For my graduate work I studied at The University of Chicago, getting my degree in Social Work and continuing academic work at The Committee on Human Development studying Positive Psychology, Anthropology, and Human Development through the lens of Cross-Cultural Development. At Columbia University I received a degree in Applied Anthropology and focused on the culture of work with emphasis on corporate health and wellness issues and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Building on my academic studies I have spent over the past 15 years working as what anthropologist call “the professional stranger.”  As a consultant, coach, and psychotherapist I have worked across a wide variety of landscapes including Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and Hollywood films. Using the canvas of Diversity and Inclusion (with an emphasis on disability issues) and Corporate Health and Wellness, my focus has always been to help organizations, teams, and individuals be the best version of themselves.

Who I Work With

As a psychotherapist I work with a wide variety of clients who are interested in creating a better life for themselves. I also have two areas of focus in my work. The first is working with individuals, families, and couples who are dealing with the daily challenges and struggles of living with disabilities. The second is in the area of corporate health and wellness, working with clients who are anywhere from C-Level executives down the ladder in areas of work/life balance, stress management, job design issues, and a host of other concerns dealing with workplace issues.

How I Help

My approach is to create a warm and comfortable environment for clients. The fundamental goal is to help clients on their journey to better themselves and continue to grow as individuals. Building on my anthropological background I utilize a variety of eclectic modalities from psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, CBT, logotherapy, and beyond. Each person is different and the important thing is to create an environment in which they feel secure to take the necessary steps to move forward in the therapeutic process.  If I can be of service I’m here to help!