University of Nevada

California Institute of the Arts

New York University, MSW

Training & Certifications

  • Ackerman Institute for Family Studies: Clinical Supervision Program

  • Family Enhancement Center: Intensive Filial (Parent/Child) Play Therapy Workshop

  • Hunter College: Administration and Supervision Program

  • Partners in Parent Education: Read Your Own Baby- Working with Infants and Toddlers

  • Post Graduate Center for Mental Health: Advanced Adult Psychotherapy Program Psychoanalytic Training (Current)

  • Responsibility Training - Working with Adolescents and Young Adults

  • NYS Public School Teacher Certification

  • SIFI  

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

New York State License Number: 037368

NPI: 1689806820


Karen Singleton LCSW-R

Brooklyn Heights / Midtown / West Village

“Our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water.” —Matthew Lieberman, Ph.D.


  • Depression

  • Transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Couples Therapy

Hello! My name is Karen. I am a seasoned clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience working as a psychotherapist. I have a proven track record of working with children, adolescents, young adults, individuals, and couples from very diverse backgrounds and orientations. I have experience in providing psychotherapy utilizing a blend of evidence-based therapeutic modalities which includes, but is not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based interventions, existential, humanistic, and psychodynamic approaches.  

How I Help

The key to any successful treatment is grounded on the strength of the collaborative partnership. That said, my goal is to be a better listener. I work to understand the explicit and the implicit meaning of what is brought into the session, and attempt to get attuned to what resonates in the many layers beneath. An effective therapy experience is one that supports a person in recognizing their own capabilities and potential while using strengths to mitigate challenges. My hope is to assist you in cultivating a deeper understanding of your own intrapsychic road map and emotional terrain. I am a firm believer that every session should give you a piece of your own puzzle and over time help you gain the skills to navigate your own thoughts, control your behavioral and emotional responses, and understand your relationship patterns and conflicts. With an appreciation of your own personal assets and internal dynamics you can then allow yourself to take risks, face challenges, and create a new and better experience for yourself with an increased sense of well-being.

More About Me

Prior to my becoming a psychotherapist I was a professional lighting designer for dance and theater. Through my arts education and experience I worked with some highly creative and imaginative people who were very much in touch with their hearts, souls, and minds, and had an intuitive sense of the human condition. As personal events took place in my own life I found mentors and teachers who took me on my own journey, looking deeper into my own internal dynamics. Over time I took my knowledge of the creative process, trusting my visceral feelings and made a change to pursue a career in listening and understanding people. I have never looked back. My greatest passion is learning. To this day I continue my training learning different techniques and interventions to be the most effective therapist I can be.