We believe that strong and healthy relationships start with you, the individual. So whether you are looking for support in your marriage or long term relationship, working on improving friendships or family dynamics, navigating dating in the digital age, or coping with a recent breakup, we are here to support you. Our goal is to work with you to identify and change patterns that may not be serving you, clarify your values, and increase your self-worth so that you can cultivate meaningful, supportive, and authentic relationships with family, friends, and significant others.                 

The therapists at Cobb Psychotherapy LCSW support relationships of all individuals, including LGBTQ/GNC people and members of poly and kink communities.



Couples Therapy                                                   

In addition to individual therapy, we also offer couples therapy in which you and your partner can explore your relationship together.  Whether you are looking to further explore your relationship dynamics and deepen your connection, or are working through a conflict, we are here to help you have a healthy and loving relationship. Through couples therapy you can:

  • Gain awareness and change relationship patterns that are harmful

  • Identify obstacles to effective communication and problem solve current issues

  • Learn and practice conflict resolution

  • Navigate life transitions together

  • Overcome obstacles to intimacy


Therapists who offer couples therapy:

Jessica Glynn, LMSW

James Farrat, LCSW

Shama Goklani, LCSW

Jonathan Kaufman, LMSW


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